Since 2001, a company in Münster, Westphalia has been producing a range of exceptional mechanical wristwatches: They only have one single hour hand with a fine needle point that enables the wearer to tell the time exactly to the nearest five minutes. Based on this characteristic, MeisterSinger timepieces are crafted entirely in the technical and cultural tradition of early watchmaking.

At MeisterSinger, we always set ourselves the highest standards when it comes to the quality and manufacture of our products. We use only the very best materials to build our iconic single-hand watches. Sapphire glass and stainless steel cases are, of course, an integral part of the MeisterSinger standard, just like the high-precision movements from market leaders such as ETA and Sellita as well as our very own movement.

With our firm belief in the power of simplicity, MeisterSinger has been the delight of many enthusiasts and mechanical watch aficionados ever since it was established. Our fascinating designs and timeless, high-quality craftsmanship have been honored with awards from the most prestigious design bodies. Watch models such as the Circularis, the No 01 (the mother of all MeisterSinger watches), the Pangaea Day Date, or the Perigraph have received numerous well-known design awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, the iF Design Award, the “Goldene Unruh,” and the GOOD DESIGN Award.

The current MeisterSinger collection comprises the single-hand watches Salthora (Transparent), Salthora Meta X, No 01, No02, No 03, Urban, Metris, Vintago, Pangaea, Phanero, Neo, Neo Plus, and Neo Q. MeisterSinger single-hand watches with additional functions include the Circularis (Automatic, Power Reserve), the Adhaesio, the Perigraph, the Pangaea Day Date, the Lunascope, and the Singulator.

MeisterSinger has established itself as an internationally leading maker of single-hand watches, not least due to rigorously following the inimitable design principles that are the hallmark of MeisterSinger watches.